Have you migrated to 10.7 (Lion)?

The latest OS 10.7 marks a big change in how Apple is selling software.

From this point on, Apple will not be shipping discs. If you want to buy Apple software, you will have to have Snow Leopard (10.6) which will give you access to the App store.

What that means is if you haven’t already upgraded to 10.6, you may find you’ll be left behind.

Then there are folks like me who have an older MacPro which won’t run Lion. What do I do? Those are the realities of our computing age. We just need to stay abreast of these developments.

Best way is to subscribe to a Mac centric publication, folks. That way, when your Mac is too old to be supported, you can make some good informed decisions.

Since Lion is a download, many Mac users have been concerned that they won’t have a bootable install disc. If you’ve used computers a while you know that that’s a scary thought, not having a way to boot up if there is a disaster like a hard drive failure.

Here’s a link to how to make a bootable Lion discs. Let me know if it works.